Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's Under His Wings, And He Had A Man's Hand Under His Wings

     Je suis (I Am, We are) Jesus Christ, "my blessing out of all of this, is that my family died in Jesus," a testament of a wife, a voice of the martyr, whose husband, teen son, and teen daughter of European origin., were martyred in Afghanistan according to their faith of Jesus Christ. This out reached Pastor had become famous for saying, "you gonna die, why not die for Jesus Christ? "He that lose his life for my sake shall gain it forever more, for I will raise him up on the last day," Jesus, that day my siblings in Christ, hath come. Apb, www.thefourthofthegodhead15.blogspot.com 

 Righteously Dividing The Enemy
Muslims shield Christians when Al-Shabaab attacks bus in Kenya

 Links Prophecy

 The Death Angel, A Sharp Syringe 

     In this dream of 03/27/2009, I witness how myriads in the country were sitting anxiously in front of their TV sets awaiting and participating good to horrible news.  I imagined it was like a scene similar to the Cuban Missile crisis and the entire country, make that the world nervously anticipating a war between America and Russia.  Although just as soon as the worse news broke I saw readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives of stampeding Americans. I saw those slacking behind were come upon by a death angel in the land who laid them back as to jammed a sharp, sword-like syringe into their chest, their heart.  I saw after this deadly execution how Americans end up as nothing more than a brown, magnetic manner of memorabilia one is to hang on the refrigerator.

Then a Band of Angels Envelope Me, Us, The People Of The Cross   

     The Muslims faith/fate and the Christian faith/fate may seem similar but no matter what the Pope, an Angel from Heaven, or even their Ayatollah say, they're not. The Muslim, Islamic faith worship Allah as god, while Christians worship Jesus, the only spiritual, divine, heir ship to Jehovah God, this Second Adam. The difference then is where one or the other’s belief would’ve land them if they’d die, the person who doesn’t have Jesus as Savior. Well, sadly, have not secured their immortal life, and passes to a form of hell when they die, here, awaking its fate in the lake of fire; see more here,

       Think about the two thieves dying on either said of The Christ, one didn’t believe Jesus was Messiah and was condemn. The other who instead accepted Him, walked in paradise that day as Heir, meaning the Christian who was shot, was actually better off and Jesus shall raise him up into a Glorified Body on the last day, which is now, 2001-2017, Apb, www.intrepiddream2001.blogspot.com
        The Christian worshipping Jesus in their heart, the only good death, this immortal that mortals forgot, they as Christ, ascend to God’s throne until His, Christ’s enemy is made His Their, Footstool. So although this seem really compassionate and loving, and I'm glad they're all safe, but not so much for the Muslim. For the faithful Christian to God be the Glory, unto God’s Kingdom’s Reign, this is Their Divine Fate, this is what Jesus’dying, bloodshed and resurrection all hath just for them, the Ancient Of Days Reign.
     The soul is in jeopardy, shaped, mold and birth into the world this fall, unless it’s human bearer by its repentant knees, sincere confession and heart, admit Jesus is the world’s Savior, alone, Rom. 10:9, 10. 12:1, 2. That’s placing and casting all their cares, treasures, death and dying upon him, there’s no way a Muslim can save a Christian, dodging death only to extend the eligible, unbelievers must all repent to Him, Jesus, this truth unveiling for all, hence the authentic Jihad, Apb, The RAM, www.thesonofgod.blogspot.com www.2015jesuscomeknocking.blogspot.com www.thefourthofthegodhead15.blogspot.com       

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